How many people can fit in Discovery Park CA in 2024?

How many people can fit in Discovery Park CA?

Discovery Park offers general admission space for most shows with room for 25,000 guests and spectators. General Admission seating tends to be standing room only.

Are there coyotes in Discovery Park Seattle?

If the coyote you observe is quickly and quietly passing through an area and avoiding human contact, you do not need to take action; enjoy getting a glimpse of a clever urban animal. A coyote stands watch in Discovery Park, Seattle.

What do coyotes look like in Washington state?

Shades include black, brown, gray, yellow, rust, and tan. Coyotes also have shorter, bushier tails that are carried low, almost dragging the ground, and longer, narrower muzzles than their dog cousins. Adult coyotes weigh 20 to 35 pounds, with males being slightly larger than females.

Does Discovery Park have picnic tables?

A community park built in 2010 with great amenities for all ages including a state-of-the-art skate park, a splash pad, two playgrounds designed for different age groups, a wet sand play area, a play creek, large pavilion with picnic tables, several other covered picnic areas, a public art sculpture, multi-purpose …

Do you have to pay to park at Discovery Park?

Park Fees: $6 Vehicle. $12 Vehicles with Trailer (ex. Boat or Horse) or RV. $24 Bus.

How do you park at Discovery Park Lighthouse?

To drive to the Lighthouse you need a parking permit obtained at the Environmental Learning Center.

What is the history of Discovery Park in Seattle?

The forested area is Discovery Park, with the brown area being the Fort Lawton Military Reserve. Discovery Park was created in the early 1970s from land surplus to the U.S. Army’s Fort Lawton. The site for the 1,100-acre (4.5 km2) fort had been given to the Army by the city in 1898, and the fort opened in 1900.

How long is the Discovery Park Loop Trail?

The loop mapped here clocks in at 4.2 miles long with 538 feet of climbing, but the 534-acre park boasts over 9 miles of footpaths 2 miles of beach trails and an ancient lighthouse ” according to Samantha Larson on

What animals are in Discovery Park Seattle?

Wildlife is abundant in Discovery Park, particularly birdlife: 270 different species have been logged. At ground level, coyote, chipmunks and raccoons inhabit the woods, while offshore a marine park shelters sea lions and harbor seals.

How long is the loop around Discovery Lake?

Discovery Lake – Double Peak Summit Loop is a 4.2 mile (9,500-step) route located near San Marcos, California, USA.

Are there coyotes in Discovery Park?

Dog owners who walk through Discovery Park, and any park across Seattle, said they have to keep their heads on a swivel. There’s definitely coyotes trying to follow me. There’s two to three that are kind of roaming around, said dog walker Remy Vanderput about the Arboretum.

How many people can Discovery Park hold?

As for Discovery Park itself, it features an audience space for 25,000 visitors with most shows featuring a General Admission area and a VIP area for guests who prefer that much more for their outdoor concert experiences.

What mountain can you see from Discovery Park?

If clouds permit, you may see Mount Rainier in the distance. Hike a short way beneath the trees and come to a headland that offers some of the best views in the park. Take a few minutes to appreciate it all.

How big is Discovery Park Sacramento?

Fast Facts: 302-acre park. Discovery Park is located beside I-5 in downtown Sacramento. This Parks is located both within the City of Sacramento limits and the unincorporated County.

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